I started at Alivia Analytics fresh out of Brandeis University in May. I learned quickly the intricacies that exist in Medicaid program integrity, but I did not realize how little I truly knew about program integrity before my trip to Atlanta for the National Association of Medicaid Program Integrity (NAMPI)’s annual conference. I learned not only about how local and federal government employees find, track, and investigate Medicaid fraud, but also about how much hard work they put in for little recognition. Program Integrity units, Medicaid Fraud Control units, and many others across the United States are dedicated to the proper allocation of federal and state dollars to those who truly need them, rather than the pockets of those manipulating the system for personal gain.

What first appears to an outsider as governmental alphabet soup is in fact an intricate system of investigators, managers, directors, auditors, law enforcement officials, attorneys, data scientists, and medical experts, each with a pivotal role in fraud detection and prevention. Without every individual at NAMPI and the hundreds of others in their offices, millions of dollars could end up in the wrong hands. In each state, these hardworking people are tirelessly ensuring the health and wellbeing of the public. At NAMPI, they have a unique opportunity to meet and learn from each other, discuss cases that cross state boundaries, exchange techniques with different states, and update each-other on the latest fraud schemes to be on the lookout for. 

With a packed schedule of informative sessions, NAMPI attendees could choose from a variety of topics including strategy, analytics, case management, and updates on important and relevant legislation. Many shared powerful and motivating stories from their states. At each session, speakers presented innovative approaches to handling fraud, and attendees were encouraged to continue these conversations after returning to their home states. Those who produce leads and those who investigate them each heard about the challenges and rewards of the other’s work, and both highlighted the processes important to their combined success.

Collaborations continued outside of meeting rooms, with attendees exchanging ideas and knowledge during mealtimes and evenings. Atlanta’s Marriot Marquis provided a gorgeous venue for the NAMPI conference. After sessions ended in the afternoon, networking opportunities abounded in local restaurants and the hospitality suite. With each state represented, I constantly found myself meeting people from places I knew almost nothing about. I was excited to hear about other areas of the United States, especially from people united in a mission to help Americans receive the healthcare they need.

After my first few months at Alivia Analytics, it was humbling to meet some of the people who Absolute Insight is intended for. With their passion and talent, they deserve a tool that can further empower them by advancing the work they are already doing, one with the flexibility to support their individual needs, and which can enable them to spend more of their time on what matters.