Public insurers are always closely scrutinized since they use the taxpayers' dollars.

Our solutions help them operate more effectively – and shine in the public arena.

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Massive Program with Big Challenges? Look to AI and Absolute Insight

Public insurers differ from their private counterparts.  They’re much larger, and they operate under separate laws and rules. And since most of their operations are a matter of public record, problems like excessive fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) can’t be glossed over; they need to be tackled head-on.

Absolute Insight has models that are specifically configured for use by Medicaid units. Its complaint prioritization model, which uses deep learning to understand the underlying meaning of a complaint, can help Medicaid administrators effectively triage and work their complaint hotlines. Instead of looking at a complaint in isolation, Absolute Insight can look at it in the context of the provider’s overall risk, which helps its users see the big picture. This mitigates the risk of false positives and ensures the best ROI per case, maximizing your team’s efficiency.

Our Absolute Insight solution is ideal for public insurers. It delivers the power, scalability and healthcare-specific AI they need to solve their complex challenges. Plus, its user-friendly design makes it easy for auditors and investigators to use. 

With Absolute Insight, public insurers can significantly improve payment integrity performance and show how they leverage the latest technologies in their operations.

Detect and Reduce Fraud, Waste & Abuse Efficiently


Use Deep Learning Technology

Analyze All Claims & Payment Data in One Place


Maximize Auditor and Investigator Productivity

Show Tech-Based Stewardship of Public Funds


Increase Authorities’ and Public’s Trust and Confidence

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