BOSTON, August 20, 2019

Leverages world-class data science and claims expertise for unmatched healthcare payment integrity.


BOSTON, August 20, 2019 — Alivia Analytics announced its new company name today.  The company’s AI-powered solution Absolute Insight gives healthcare claim payers and processors unmatched payment integrity.

With costs spiraling, healthcare claims payers must find ways to operate more efficiently and increase the integrity of their payment processes. The complexity of claim payment processes has made them not only error-prone but also prime targets for fraud, waste, and abuse. These problems have become so significant and pervasive that solving them now requires more than just human effort. 

 “That’s where we come in,” said Alivia Analytics founder and CEO Kleber Gallardo.  “We use proprietary pre-built predictive models to quickly zero-in on fraud, waste, and abuse and identify high-value as well as high-impact cases for further action. Our clients can easily modify the predictive models to meet specific requirements and utilize the intuitive workflow module to manage cases better.”

Alivia Analytics’ client Suzanne Solven, AVP, Audit, Investigations, and QA at Pacific Blue Cross added: “With Absolute Insight’s user-friendly dashboards, we have seen a huge improvement in productivity and are able to gain insight from our full data set with ease.”

Gallardo commented further that, “Alivia Analytics solutions deliver unmatched AI-driven power, scalability, and breadth of coverage. We give public and private payers as well as processors the visibility and user-friendly tools they need to overcome operational challenges and drive significant gains in payment integrity.  We’re excited to begin a new chapter in our growth and make artificial intelligence not only available but easily consumable for payment integrity teams at public and private payers and third-party administrators.”

About Pacific Blue Cross

Pacific Blue Cross is BC's #1 Health Benefits Provider providing health benefits and insurance to 1 in 3 British Columbians.  Its plans pick up where government MSP leaves off, covering things like Physio and Massage therapy, Prescription drugs, Vision care, Dental care, Hospital stays, and more.

About Alivia Analytics

Alivia Analytics provides AI-powered payment integrity solutions for healthcare claim payers and processors. By leveraging machine learning and predictive modeling, Alivia’s solutions help public and private insurers and third-party administrators make quantum leaps in both process improvement and the scale of improper claim identification. Its Absolute Insight solution detects fraud, waste, abuse, and errors in pre- and post-payment scenarios. Its key differentiator, however, is usability. With Absolute Insight’s intuitive UI and simplified tools, it is easy for non-technical users to build models, run queries, and generate reports. Alivia Analytics delivers cutting-edge technology that payers can use and control to capture significant savings. Customers include Pacific Blue Cross and the Louisiana Department of Health