Private Insurers

In a competitive, complex and changing market, private insurers need to stay ahead of the pack. 

Our solutions give them the cutting-edge capabilities they need to leave competitors behind.

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A Powerful New Solution for Stubborn Old Challenges

Health insurance is a complex, challenging and risky business, especially for private payers.  

To keep existing customers and attract new ones, private insurers need to keep the quality of their offerings up and their premiums down. That requires driving exceptional results in areas such as fraud, waste and abuse reduction. 

But as every private insurer knows, that’s hard to do using old techniques and legacy tools.

Our Absolute Insight solution gives private insurers new, AI-powered ways to achieve significant payment integrity gains. It delivers operational wins that were previously out of reach and helps insurers differentiate their offerings through their use of advanced technology.

Detect and Reduce Fraud, Waste & Abuse Efficiently


Produce Improved Business Results

Analyze All Claims & Payment Data in One Place


Enable Greater Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

Differentiate Offerings with Advanced Technology 


Gain Real Competitive Advantage

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Watch this video to learn how Absolute Insight helped this large insurer improve its ability to identify sources of fraud, waste and abuse in its processes.

“The Alivia team has helped bring our fraud investigators into the future of identification and recovery.”
Suzanne Solven, Pacific Blue Cross.

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