Third Party Administrators

To win and keep business, third-party healthcare claims administrators have to deliver high-quality services at the lowest possible cost. 

Our solutions give them new and effective ways to check off both boxes. 

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A Powerful New Solution for Stubborn Old Challenges

Like many service providers today, third-party claims administrators are being pulled in two opposite directions.  Customers expect better service, with increasing levels of responsiveness, flexibility and transparency. At the same time, they’re demanding lower prices. 

For administrators, striking the right balance is business-critical, but also challenging. 

Our Absolute Insight solution gives third-party claims administrators new, AI-powered ways to create new efficiencies in their operations.  

Absolute Insight’s power, scalability and ease-of-use enable them to find and fix errors as well as identify and reduce fraud, waste and abuse at levels previously unattainable. It also helps them differentiate their service offerings by backing them with advanced technology.

Detect and Reduce Fraud, Waste & Abuse Efficiently


For Improved Operations and Better Bottom-Line Results

Analyze All Claims & Payment Data in One Place


Boost Staff Efficiency and Effectiveness

Differentiate Offerings with Advanced Technology


Gain Competitive Advantage with More Cost-Effective Services

Learn how third-party claims administrators can cut significant costs out of their operations while improving service quality.