About Us

Alivia Analytics is Revolutionizing Healthcare Fraud Detection

Alivia Analytics enables its customers to find errors and uncover fraud, waste and abuse in their healthcare claims payment operations at levels not previously possible. Our cloud-based solutions use artificial intelligence and predictive modeling to solve the payment integrity challenges faced by public and private insurers as well as third-party claims administrators.

Our Story

The founders of Alivia Analytics are seasoned entrepreneurs and accomplished technologists. They have long track records of successfully using advanced technologies to solve difficult challenges in revenue management in complex operating environments. 

Alivia Analytics traces its beginnings to one such engagement with a large healthcare insurance provider. For that customer, the Alivia team used their in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with advanced machine learning and predictive modeling technologies to build a groundbreaking fraud detection system. 

How groundbreaking?  That customer wanted to double their fraud detection effectiveness. Alivia Analytics delivered results ten times greater than their initial goal. 

That project laid the foundation for Alivia Analytics’ Absolute Insight solution. As Alivia’s flagship offering, Absolute Insight enables claim payers and processors to make quantum leaps in both process improvement and the scale of improper claim identification. 

With unmatched features and usability, Absolute Insight is the gold standard in healthcare payment integrity solutions. And we’re just getting started!

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