AI-powered solutions for unmatched healthcare payment integrity

With costs spiraling, healthcare claims payers must find ways to operate more efficiently and increase the integrity of their payment processes. But cutting fraud waste and abuse is complicated and difficult. 

Alivia Analytics provides AI-powered healthcare payment integrity solutions. Our offerings give payers and processors the visibility and user-friendly tools they need to overcome operational challenges and drive significant payment integrity gains with ease.

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Uncover Process and Payment Problems


Turn a spotlight on fraud, waste, abuse, and errors

Focus on High-Value, High-Impact Actions


Achieve significant savings and address problems' root causes

Prevent Fraud Before Damage is Done


Proactively identify and shut down suspicious activity

Powerful, Scalable, Simple.

Competitive, regulatory and budget pressures on claims payers and processors are prompting them to find ways to run leaner and more effectively. But trying to reduce fraud, waste, abuse and errors using legacy tools and old approaches isn’t a viable strategy. 

Payers need a more compelling approach, one that lets them break through complexity, take changes in stride, and eliminate departmental and process boundaries. Alivia Analytics solutions leverage the latest AI and cloud technologies to give customers the new path they need. 

Our dynamic solutions can drive payment integrity gains at a scale well beyond human capabilities. Plus, with simplified tools and intuitive designs, even non-technical users can ‘fly solo’ and achieve big wins, all in line with their priorities and available resources. 

With Alivia Analytics, payers and processors can set themselves apart with unmatched payment integrity performance. 

Any User, Any Query, All Your Data – In a Snap

Alivia Analytics gives customers powerful yet easy ways to break through complexity, take change in stride, and eliminate departmental and process boundaries. 

Our solutions leverage advanced AI technologies, including machine learning, deep learning, and predictive analytics.  They give payers easy and automated ways to capture, harmonize and analyze all of their claims-related data in one place.

But we don’t stop there. Our solutions make it easy for customers to weave in other relevant data, such as policy details and regulatory statutes from any source. With our intuitive UI, it’s easy for any user to create queries, run them against their entire database and generate custom reports. 

That’s how our solutions make payers’ teams more efficient and deliver visibility, scale, usability and results that far surpass anything else on the market today. 

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