Tying it All Together

The Case Manager is an integral part of the Alivia Analytics Healthcare Payment Integrity Platform. It is designed to work seamlessly with the FWA Finder and existing workflows, providing a comprehensive solution for managing healthcare payment integrity cases.

  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Intuitive Dashboards
  • Seamless Integration
Case details are easily tracked, analyzed, and reported using customizable dashboards

More Cases, Faster

It allows users to open 10 times more cases and decreases per-case cost by 50-80%. It is capable of managing thousands of cases simultaneously, providing a significant boost to productivity and efficiency. It also enables users to instantly create, deliver, and track case communications directly from the Case Manager, ensuring effective and timely communication throughout the case management process. 

Real-Time Analytics

One of the key features of the Case Manager is its real-time analytics and management dashboards. These tools provide users with the ability to make accurate decisions quickly, based on the most current and relevant data.

Very Easy to Use

The Case Manager is designed to be easy to get started with, thanks to its seamless integration with the FWA Finder and existing workflows. It is part of the only seamlessly integrated software platform in the industry, designed to deliver the answers users need when they need them.

Increase in Monthly FWA case creation by over 1000%.”

Market focus

Whether you’re a health plan / payer, regulator or investigator, we provide you with seamless analytics solutions that ensure healthcare payment accuracy swiftly and effectively.

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