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Utilizing Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan Member, Claim, and Medicare’s Monthly Membership Report (MMR) data, Alivia’s analytics uncovers previously unrecognized entitlements to End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) benefits. This leads to enhanced premium payments for MA Plans. We collaborate with Providers to rectify these discrepancies with CMS, securing retroactive and proactive premium restorations for MA Plans.

Transform Data Into Value by Identifying & Correcting ESRD Premiums for MA Plan

Team of experts

Coding Auditors CCS, CIC, CPC, Certified coding experts

Clinical Auditors RN, LPN, Licensed medical review experts

Health Insurance Eligibility Specialists Member health insurance eligibility and premium experts

Navigated the complex ESRD eligibility process.”

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Whether you’re a health plan / payer, regulator or investigator, we provide you with seamless analytics solutions that ensure healthcare payment accuracy swiftly and effectively.

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