Payment Integrity Platform

Powered by generative AI, our platform serves as a single source of truth data and analytics hub with modules for pre-pay payment accuracy and post-pay recovery, FWA Finder™, and integrated case management.

Platform Overview

Alivia provides the premier, end-to-end claims connection and data management platform empowering healthcare payers to manage every stage of a claim’s lifecycle from a single source of truth data hub to post-payment FWA investigations.

Pre-Payment Accuracy

Designed for those who demand precision, innovation, and efficiency, this completely reimagines the status quo while powered by Alivia’s latest Generative AI technologies.

FWA Finder™ / Fraud Detection

The FWA Finder  leverages advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies to go beyond post-payment recovery and empower users to isolate Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) cases before payment, putting them one step ahead of the problem.

Integrated Case Manager

The Case Manager is an integral part of the Alivia Analytics Healthcare Payment Integrity Platform. It is designed to work seamlessly with the FWA Finder and existing workflows, providing a comprehensive solution for managing healthcare payment integrity cases.