CommunityCare of Oklahoma: Modernization Improves Claims System Lifetime and Performance

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CommunityCare of Oklahoma (CCOK) faced challenges with its outdated adjudication platform and enterprise databases. Partnering with SourcEdge, they modernized systems by migrating to the cloud and updating their core platform.


  • Completed a comprehensive system upgrade and cloud migration within 14 months, on time and within budget, allowing CCOK to meet critical KPI commitments.
  • Transitioned from the obsolete HP-UX system to a modern Linux operating system and upgraded Oracle from 12i to 19c, leveraging SourcEdge’s expertise.
  • Migrated to a cloud-based system in Microsoft Azure, enhancing flexibility, scalability, and remote work capabilities.
  • Achieved significant performance improvements in claims processing, cost savings on license fees, and a modernized disaster recovery plan with reduced RTO.
  • Converted capital expenses to operational expenses, positioning CCOK for future growth and innovation.