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Add PHI De-Id to Your Non-Production Environments, Where Data is Exposed

The time for action is now. Recent data breaches have crippled claims systems and disrupted insurance payments. These catastrophic breaches highlight the increased and constant attack that Healthcare is now under.

Let us share our data management solution and success stories for masking PHI, including X12 EDI, using de-identification to ensure patient privacy and maintain regulatory compliance. We have unique expertise in all claims systems – AMISYS, TriZetto Facets / QNXT, HealthEdge / HealthRules, Conduent HSP, PowerMHS / PowerSTEPP.

Hear From Our Experts


Brad Hutson
Professional “white hat” hacker and Chief of Cyber R&D for the Cyber Security Forum Initiative.


Steve Sideris

Data security expert and Vice President of Health Plan Services. Formerly SVP at Visiant Health.

Why Alivia?

Our technology optimization experts offer trusted partnerships to help health plan executives modernize their claims systems – Commercial health plans to Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Managed Care plans. 35+ health plans use our products and services and gain our advice.

De-Id AI Playbook

Take the first step. Share your current state and we’ll present our solution in a productive discovery call. From this, we can perform an extensive De-Id AI Assessment, a valuable Playbook, to prepare your organization for the adoption of Generative AI delivering real ROI and a business case.

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