SourcEdge Alivia Analytics at 2024 Cognizant Health Sciences Conference

June 10 – 13, 2024 | Gaylord Palms Resort, Orlando
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SourcEdge, An Alivia Company, is a proud sponsor and speaker at the 2024 Cognizant Health Sciences Conference. SourcEdge was Cognizant’s First Healthcare Certified Consulting Partner. During this four-day event, the combined SourcEdge and Alivia team will discuss its products and services that modernize the healthcare payment continuum — claims system IT and connectivity for TriZetto Facets and other platforms to analytics for payment integrity, fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA), value-based care episodes, and claims editing.

Latest News

Alivia Analytics Acquires SourcEdge to Expand Healthcare Claims Lifecycle Capabilities for Commercial and Government Payers

Session & Case Study

Facets & PHI De-Identification For Your Non-Production Environments, Where Data is Exposed

Recent data breaches highlight the increased and constant attack that healthcare is under which can cripple claims systems and disrupt insurance payments. This session will present a case study for a health plan client of TriZetto Facets. It will explore the critical importance of masking PHI, including X12 EDI, using de-identification to ensure patient privacy, maintain regulatory compliance, and enable responsible AI. Issues surrounding enterprise-wide de-identification and the impact on the ecosystem will be discussed, including the relation between encryption within TriZetto Facets and data de-identification. A comprehensive explanation of how organizations can effectively shield PHI during the development, testing, and deployment of Core Administration applications will be included. SourcEdge was Cognizant’s first Healthcare Certified Consulting Partner.

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Steve Sideris

Data security expert and Vice President of Health Plan Services. Formerly SVP at Visiant Health.

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