Former Louisiana Dept. of Health Medicaid DD Michael Boutte Joins Alivia Analytics as Payment Integrity Director

Alivia Analytics, the industry leader providing solutions that are revolutionizing healthcare payment integrity, today announced the addition of Michael Boutte to their executive leadership team. 

Michael Boutte is a respected healthcare payment integrity executive, expert and data analytics professional. Michael brings decades of experience working with state governments to Alivia Analytics. In his most recent role, Michael served as the Medicaid Deputy Director over Program Operations, Quality and Innovations with the Louisiana Department of Health. In this role, Michael was the steward of the $14B Medicaid program, along with leading high-profile healthcare payment integrity initiatives that delivered health plan compliance, quality and innovation. Michael brings a wealth of knowledge to Alivia Analytics, including a Masters in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University, a Masters in Sociology and Bachelors in Criminology from Louisiana State University, along with a number of industry audit and compliance certifications.

In his new position as Director, Payment Integrity, Michael will deliver his healthcare payment integrity thought leadership and hands-on expertise to Alivia Analytics’ growing public and private customer base and ever-changing market. Michael’s knowledge and experience will further fuel Alivia Analytics’ world-class healthcare payment integrity platform and provide actionable insights and support to Alivia Analytics’ customers as they work together to achieve healthcare payment integrity.

Alivia Analytics makes it easy for everyone in the healthcare payment integrity ecosystem to rapidly generate more confident outcomes and realize greater ROI. Their purpose-built platform gives commercial and government payers unprecedented speed, accuracy and usability. As the experts in providing big data, A.I. and analytics solutions for healthcare payment integrity, Alivia Analytics consistently delivers the lowest false positive rates in the industry. 

Customers rave about the robust and user-friendly platform, including flexible workflows that adapt to existing business processes and seamlessly integrated case management. Alivia Analytics sets a new industry standard for achieving healthcare payment integrity, finally. 

“We’re thrilled to add Michael’s experience and credentials to the Alivia Analytics’ team,” said Alex Kormushoff, President and COO, Alivia Analytics. “We are revolutionizing the healthcare payment integrity industry and have earned the respect of our customers, who have become raving fans. By putting Michael’s predictive analytics’ talent and experience to work along with our advanced, healthcare payment integrity platform, our customers will benefit from even more powerful outcomes and another level of customer support.”

“I am excited to be part of this incredible team,” said Michael Boutte, Director, Payment Integrity, Alivia Analytics. “I am blown away by their ability to get to valid results quickly, streamline business processes and drive increased productivity for their customers. Their adaptable workflows and integrated case management allow organizations to get up and running in no time and get accurate results immediately. For the first time, healthcare payers can rapidly generate more confident outcomes, leading to greater ROI.”

About Alivia Analytics

Alivia Analytics specializes in payment accuracy solutions for healthcare claim payers / insurers and processors / administrators, leveraging hundreds of years of combined medical, clinical, and law enforcement experience. Alivia’s proprietary, state-of-the-art software rapidly delivers the only seamless analytics solution in the healthcare industry, impacting billions of dollars in fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA). Their purpose-built platform is designed to tackle the $900 billion problem with speed, accuracy, and adaptability, with the lowest false positives in the industry.